Sorry for the lack of posting - 2 days after my last post, my last year of uni started, so I got a little caught up in that and this fell by the wayside as a result. I realise I'm not the best at updating this sort of thing at the best of times, but obviously my uni work has to take presidence over these sorts of things. Sorry about that.

However, now that I have a free slot on the calendar right up til Christmas, I'm hoping to get a few posts up before the big day - I highly doubt there'll be much on Tuesday next week because me and my girlfriend are off to see The Hobbit, but there's almost certainly going to be something up over the weekend (I'm hoping England finish off the Indians in the cricket quick though, can't take much more 3am starts!)

As to what exactly, well, that's still a bit up in the air at the minute - got a few ideas but I need to get a butterfly net to actually sort it out properly (need to get the money to get a butterfly net...)

Speaking of, I'm pretty sure I'll be working part-time next semester, and I'm in 3 days a week next semester too, plus an even bigger workload (I'm guessing about 5 assignments to go with the 3 I'm carrying over from this semester, but I'm not too sure), so this blog will probably be a bit erratic until that's sorted, but it's not in any way forgotten!


(Small hint at what may possibly come up in forthcoming posts there...)

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