Sorry for the lack of posting lately, it's been a rough few weeks. And that's why I just wanted to post this video.

There's been times lately, and I'll freely admit that they do happen on occassion, but they've happened a lot more recently, that I've basically wanted to cut and run. Drop the whole writing thing and go do some other so-called "proper" job (thank-you Andy bloody Barnes... not...) because there was no way in Hell that this was gonna work.

And then I found this video. Wasn't looking for anything like it, I was just surfing the net at about midnight, as people that are a week away from turning 23 do, and I found this video.*

I'm not joking when I tell you that it's (probably) changed my whole writing.

I'm also not joking when I tell you it's definitely saved my entire writing career.

You don't have to be a writer of anything - novels, screenplays, songs (and I know a fair few of the last of those), to get this. It's not that sort of speech. It is, however, some of the best advice I'm probably ever going to put on here.

Now then, it's a week until my birthday... 168 hours until I'm 23. That's plenty of time to work with.

* In fact, I was just done watching some Minecraft vids on Youtube. There are some crazy loons on there, I can tell you...

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